Swimming Upstream
Swimming Upstream: A Story about Becoming Human is a memoir divided into two parts. Part One is a personal story of the author's toxic early developmental experiences and the subsequent effects of chronic depression, as well as the specific life experiences that enabled him to modify his early maladaptive history and mature.
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Routledge Publishers: "CBASP: A Distinctive Treatment for Persistent Depressive Disorder: Distinctive Feature Series." (2015)
"This volume clearly and concisely explains how CBASP differs from more traditional forms of cognitive behaviour therapy, and describes its clinical application. This book will be invaluable for all clinicians and trainees who treat patients with persistent depression, and for all mental health professionals who are interested in extensions of the standard CBT model."  » Read More
Treating Chronic Depression With Disciplined Personal Involvement: CBASP (2006)
In this volume, McCullough proposes “disciplined personal involvement as an alternative to therapist neutrality with chronically depressed patients, describing how this approach can be used in a contingent manner to successfully modify pathological behavior.”  » Read More

A Lasting Cure for
Persistent Depression?


Treatment for
Chronic Depression

Skills Training Manual
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James P. McCullough, Jr. PhD
Emeritus Professor of
Psychology at
Virginia Commonwealth Univ.
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