Small Group Intensive Training with Jim McCullough

Come to Richmond, Virginia, to train for a full week with Dr. McCullough in a small group setting (10-15 people). Receive hands-on practice with volunteer “non patients” and personal coaching from Dr. McCullough in using the CBASP model. Leave with a better understanding of the methodology and greater confidence in your ability to use it effectively with your patients. You can also be qualified to become certified in CBASP, continuing your training one-on-one with a CBASP trainer. A certified trainer will supervise you in your work with two patients and help you further develop your skills with the CBASP model.
Intensive Training Dates
Please check back for 2020-21 dates.
Contact us at to inquire about space availability and registration. The fee for the training workshop is $1500 USD per person, payable by cash, check or wire transfer.
What others said about their week of training with Jim McCullough

“Thank you so much for the time in Richmond and for the training. Working now with my patients I realize that I have made a change. I am much more secure and structured doing the Situation Analysis. One of my patients is doing great, and I am working not so hard any more. He had brilliant solutions I would have missed without your help!!

I am also getting much more honest doing the Disciplined Personal Involvement (DPI). I was - before Richmond - a little helpless about how to deal with one of my patients. But I really got through and made contact for the first time with him using the DPI. In the next session it was a total change in his behavior!”

“The role players were genuine; it was like working with real patients.”

“This is the best workshop I have ever been to.”

“Jim is very in tune with each one of the participants and takes the time to understand where each is coming from.”

“This workshop was more hands-on than I expected; I really learned how to apply CBASP.”

“I learned a lot and am motivated to work with CBASP by myself and teach others.”

“This has been a career-changing week.”

“I feel more comfortable with the CBASP model; I gained an understanding of not only its complexity but its flexibility.”

“The non-patient volunteers were great to work with because they were ‘naïve’ about CBASP; we had to shape them.”

“This is one of the best training experiences I’ve ever had; it will change the way I do therapy.”

"Before the workshop I could talk about CBASP, but now I really understand the purpose of each step of the model."

"It was helpful to experience and feel CPR (Contingent Personal Responsivity) with a 'patient'." 

"I feel more confident and comfortable with CBASP and can focus more on the patient and less on the procedure."

Talk with someone who has been through the training workshop.


Dr Alastair Hull
Consultant Psychiatrist in Psychotherapy
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Gail Myhr MD,CM, MSc, FRCPC
Assistant Professor, Dept of Psychiatry
McGill University
Director, McGill University Health Centre CBT Unit
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Posttraumatic Stress Disorders Clinical Team
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Associate Professor
University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center

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Massimo Tarsia
Midlothian CMHT
Department of Clinical Psychology
Rosslynlee Hospital
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  Brad L. Bates, PhD
Tacoma Psychology, PLLC
Tacoma, WA 

John Swan
Clinical Lecturer
Section of Psychiatry and Behavioural Sciences
University of Dundee, Scotland
tel no: 01382 878742

Kayla Conrad, Ph.D.
Birmingham Maple Clinic.
Birmingham, Michigan
Patricia van Oppen, PhD
Jenneke Wiersma, Msc
Anneke van Schaik, MD, PhD

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