The CBASP National Training Program, Inc. conducts two-day and five-day training workshops that can lead to CBASP Certification. Subsequent supervised training prepares qualified professional psychotherapists to administer CBASP in an optimal manner. CBASP Certification Diplomas will be awarded to those who complete training and who meet the certification criteria. The diplomas will document training and mastery in administering CBASP.

Certification Training is designed to assure a level of skill equivalent to Dr. McCullough’s conceptualization of CBASP. This includes the administration of three techniques: Situational Analyses (SA) to highlight the consequences of behavior, the Interpersonal Discrimination Exercise (IDE) to ameliorate personal traumas, and the Contingent Personal Responsibility (CPR) to modify maladaptive in-session behavior.

The Training Program is modeled on Dr. McCullough’s work with training CBASP therapists. Certification Training will be personally tailored to each individual and will be conducted one-on-one. All training experiences will be supervised by Dr. McCullough.

Applications to the CBASP Certification Program are available online and inquiries can be sent to Dr. James P. McCullough, Jr., All licensed psychotherapists (psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers, nurses, etc.) who are 2 years past the graduate degree and who treat chronically depressed patients may apply to the Certification Training Program.

Accepted applicants must complete (at minimum) a two-day Introductory workshop. This is the first step in the Certification process. The second step includes being “yoked” to a CBASP Trainer who will supervise the applicant during treatment of two chronically depressed adult cases. Each case will be seen for 16 sessions. The trainee is responsible for obtaining the cases, and the supervised cases will be seen in tandem. Formal adherence rating criteria must be met during the second case to obtain a CBASP Certification Diploma.

All psychotherapy sessions must be recorded (VHS/DVD medium) and sent to the CBASP trainer for review. The trainer will view the session and then conduct a weekly forty-five minute phone supervision session (1-1/2 hours/week of Supervisor time). The second step of training should be completed in 6-8 months.
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