Treatment for Chronic Depression

Table of Contents


Pt. I CBASP and the Psychopathology of the Patient
  1. A Therapist's Problems with a Chronically Depressed Patient
  2. Introduction to Chronically Depressed Patients and the CBASP Program
  3. Understanding the Psychopathology of Chronically Depressed Patients
  4. Course Patterns, Comorbidity, and Psychological Characteristics

    Pt. II CBASP Method and Procedures
  5. Strategies to Enhance Motivation for Change
  6. Elicitation Phase of Situational Analysis
  7. Remediation Phase of Situational Analysis
  8. Using the Therapist-Patient Relationship to Modify Behavior
  9. Measuring Acquisition Learning and Generalized Treatment Effects

    Pt. III History and other Aspects of CBASP
  10. CBASP Emergence on the National Scene
  11. Training CBASP Psychotherapists
  12. Comparison of CBASP to Beck's Cognitive Therapy and Klerman's Interpersonal Psychotherapy Models
  13. Resolving Common Patient Problems and Crises

    App. A Therapist Prompts for Administering Situational Analysis (PASA)
    App. B Rating Scales for Adherence Monitoring and for Evaluating the Quality of the Interpersonal Relationship
    App. C Rating the Presence of Optimal CBASP Therapist Qualities and Abilities

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