Treating Chronic Depression with Disciplined Personal Involvement: CBASP

McCullough, Jr. J. P.
New York: Springer Press (due out July, 2006)

About this book:
Psychotherapists in this country and abroad have, for a number of reasons, been assiduously taught to avoid any type of personal involvement with patients. Since Sigmund Freud's work at the beginning of the 20th century, universal training principles and supervisory intolerance of personal involvement have raised the proscription to the level of professional taboo. Personal involvement is considered to be the "line" that practitioners do not cross under any circumstances. Ironically, the personal involvement taboo has never been empirically investigated and remains unquestioned, unchallenged, and unequivocally accepted as one of the basic principles guiding all psychotherapy training, research, and practice.

The book, Treating Chronic Depression with Disciplined Personal Involvement: CBASP empirically challenges one of the oldest prohibitions in the century-old field of psychotherapy. Using an adequate theoretical rationale, this important volume illustrates that disciplined personal involvement is necessary to treat chronic depression as an effective behavior modification tool. The text describes the training regimen, carefully delineating how and when this contingency-based methodology should be administered in the therapy model. Stressing the position that any argument for disciplined personal involvement must begin and end in science, this significant work hopefully will open up a general discussion of the topic in the current field of psychotherapy, more specifically in its training, research, and practice domains.

Table of Contents:
Forward: Daniel N. Klein, PhD
Chapter 1. Disciplined Personal Involvement
Chapter 2. The History of the Personal Involvement Taboo
Chapter 3. Treating the Chronically Depressed Patient
Chapter 4. Disciplined Personal Involvement Training
Chapter 5. Creating Contingent Environments Using Disciplined Personal Involvement
Chapter 6. Healing Interpersonal Trauma Using the Interpersonal Discrimination Exercise
Appendix. Research Investigations to Determine “How” CBASP Works












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